Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The A Team" movie review!!!!


  1. You know "Mr. T" was the original actor's name, rather than the character's, I take it?

    I might have to check this movie out, see what I think of it - hopefully I won't get motion sickness from the editing!

    I like hearing what you think - but I am surprised at how short this is - from watching your other reviews you seem to have such a keen eye for technical and stylistic detail that I was hoping to hear some of that. Still, I guess with an all-out action flick, that's not really all that important.

    Keep them coming, man!

  2. Yeah, I made a mistake on that one. But Mr. T is a character himself, so it was an easy error to make. Lol! :0

    And yeah, I didn't pay much attention to the technical and stylistic details in the film. It didn't really beg to me analyzed like that, but it's still an enjoyable experience. :)